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Brain-Based Parenting

Ages 12-18
Brain-Based Parenting
Daniel Hughes & Jonathan Baylin

Uncover the mysteries of the caring brain & learn how to transform fraught parent-child relationships.

In order to better understand parent-child rapport and strengthen the bonds of attachment we must understand what's going on inside our brains.

This groundbreaking, accessible book examines parenting dynamics as never before. By exploring the inner-workings of the parental brain, the authors reveal what happens when caregiving skills are strong - leading to healthy attachment - and when they are impaired or ‘blocked’, potentially leading to behavioural and emotional problems in children.

Parents, carers, social workers and therapists are provided with a roadmap for a more in-depth, meaningful, and stronger parent-child connection.

252pp hardback
ISBN 978-0393707-28-1

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