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Selective Mutism Resource Manual

Ages 4-18
Selective Mutism Resource Manual
Maggie Johnson & Alison Wintgens

Uncover the mysteries of the caring brain & learn how to transform fraught parent-child relationships.Accessible strategies and interventions for treatment and support.

Selectively mute children are at a significant disadvantage personally, socially and educationally. This unique manual emphasises practical assessment and treatment as well as providing advice and information.


  • Preliminary investigation
  • Child interview and assessment
  • Creating the right environment at home and school
  • General treatment considerations
  • Overview of the treatment progression
  • Eliciting speech for the first time
  • Generalising speech across people and settings
  • Parent and teacher support
  • Letting

Indispensible for teachers, SLTs, child psychiatrists and parents working to support selectively mute children.

312pp A4 paperback
ISBN 978-0-863882-80-7

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