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Using Storytelling as a Therapeutic Tool with Children

Ages 4-12
Using Storytelling as a Therapeutic Tool with Children
Margot Sunderland

A sensitive and practical guide to the therapeutic use of story.

This accessible and practical book explains the psychology underpinning the therapeutic value of storytelling and shows how to use story with children and how to make an effective response when a child tells a story to you.

An essential accompaniment to the Helping Children with Feelings series, covering:

  • Why storytelling is such a good way to help children with their feelings.
  • The therapeutic value of story.
  • Constructing your own therapeutic story for a child.
  • What to do when children tell stories to you.
  • Things to do and say when working with a child's story.

The illustrations and case studies make this a valuable tool for teachers, counsellors, therapists and adoptive or foster parents.

108pp paperback
ISBN 978-0-86388-425-2

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