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The Big Book of Blob Trees

All Ages
The Big Book of Blob Trees
Pip Wilson & Ian Long

Explore feelings and emotions through 50 different Blob Trees!

This unique collection of Blob trees with all of the different Blob characters is an engaging way of opening discussions about feelings and developing an understanding of emotions, empathy and self-awareness.

The trees show various scenarios that can prompt both direct and indirect discussions about the emotions and feelings of characters depicted. These can be personalised, using questions such as ‘Which Blob do you feel like?’, ‘Which Blob confuses you?’ or used in a less personal way through questions such as ‘Which Blob is happy?’, ‘What do you think made that Blob sad?’.

Includes guidance and suggestions for use, with all worksheets printable from the free CDRom.

A versatile resource which can be used with individuals or groups of all ages to promote emotional well-being.

125pp A4 paperback + CDRom
ISBN 978-0-863887-55-0

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