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A Safe Place for Caleb

A Safe Place for Caleb: An Interactive Book for Kids, Teens & Adults with Issues of Attachment, Grief, Loss or Early Trauma
Kathleen A. Chara & Paul J. Chara, Jr.

A comprehensive, illustrated resource for anyone dealing with attachment issues.

This attractive book help carers and professionals to understand and address attachment disorders in children, adolescents and adults.

This interactive story follows a young boy and his difficulties and frustrations in forming and sustaining healthy relationships. He learns strategies for coping and is introduced to four ‘attachment healing keys’. These act as therapeutic tools to unlock difficulties with attachment, and are presented using text and illustrations that are easily accessible for readers of all ages.

Includes a summary of attachment styles and disorders, assessment tools, handouts, resources and techniques for addressing attachment difficulties.

128pp illustrated paperback Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN 978-1-843107-99-6

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