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Sandtray Play and Storymaking

Sandtray Play and Storymaking: A Hands-On Approach to Build Academic, Social & Emotional Skills in Mainstream and Special Education
Sheila Dorothy Smith

An accessible & classroom friendly guide introduction to sandplay.

Sandtray play and storymaking in mainstream and SEN classrooms can have an enriching impact on learning and create the climate for social, emotional and behavioural growth.

Benefits range from the positive effects of physically displaying emotions through sandplay to the development of essential speaking, listening and writing skills when telling and recording sandplay stories.

Explains the thinking behind this unique approach and provides a practical guide to setting up a sandtray/narrative workshop. Includes practical methods that can be applied to a broad population; case studies and examples of student work.

An invaluable handbook for teachers, counsellors, play therapists, SLTs & educational psychologists.

176pp paperback Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN 978-1-849052-05-4

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