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Teaching the Unteachable

Ages 6-16
Teaching the Unteachable: What to do when all else fails
Marie Delaney

Many books offer teaching tips and strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour and disruptive students – but what can you do when these fail?

At times even the best tried and tested ideas do not seem to work and some students appear completely unteachable and unreachable. These pupils take up a lot of planning, thinking and emotional time.

This practical, accessible book:

  • Explores the factors behind the bad days and looks at what can be done when nothing seems to work.
  • Provides extensive behaviour management strategies and a framework for understanding the behaviour of young people.
  • Examines the effects of loss, separation, neglect and trauma on learning.
  • Includes real-life examples of failures as well as successes, showing what can happen in the everyday classroom.
  • Examines issues from both the teacher’s and young person’s perspective.

A complete toolkit of skills to support all teachers in the classroom.

Paperback 208pp
ISBN 978-190326-912-1

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