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Coping with Cooking

Ages 12-adult
RA 9 +
Coping with Cooking
Jayne Garner

Cooking, shopping and more! In this resource students will learn how to successfully shop, cook for themselves and eat healthily. Topics include nutritional values, understanding labels on food, weights and measures, budgeting, reading recipes, food hygiene and food safety.

Engaging & motivational resources which will give young people the skills they need for independent living.

These best-selling resources will give students the tools they need to live independently, using motivational materials that relate to their daily lives and interests.

Devised to engage learners, the no-nonsense, down-to-earth style, coupled with a wide variety of activities within each title guarantees student motivation.

  • Motivate students to master must-know skills through real-life situations.
  • Wide variety of activities sustains interest.
  • Improve literacy & numeracy skills by stealth.
  • Fully illustrated & photocopiable.
  • Ideal for functional skills, disaffected learners, skills for life students.
  • Reading age 9+years
  • Key stage 3 & 4/S1-S4
  • Entry level 3/SCQF Level 3-4

Embeds a wide variety of functional skills activities including classification, sequencing, comprehension, basic numeracy, crosswords, grammar and punctuation and quizzes.

Fully photocopiable, worksheets are engaging and interesting and develop literacy or numeracy skills in the context of cooking.

2005 84pp A4 paperback

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