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Promoting Friendship

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Ages 5-11
Promoting Friendship, Emotional & Social Skills
‘The Giant’s Desk’
Joost Drost

An innovative resource to help young children develop emotional & friendship skills.

The Giant spends his whole life with his head in the clouds; eyes and ears filled with fluff and unaware of what goes on around him. He keeps elephants in his desk to squirt the clouds away, but doesn’t realise that he is hurting them as he can’t hear their cries. They must work together to make the Giant aware of what is happening.

Every chapter of this appealing illustrated story contains themed activities, from simple worksheets and drawing, to discussion, role-play and quizzes, which will encourage children, individually and in groups, to think about the emotions and skills that play a role in friendships.

With a basis in cognitive behavioural theory, children will learn skills to help them listen, talk, trust and explore the links between emotions, thoughts and behaviour, and increase empathy and self-awareness.

2011 192pp A4 paperback

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