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Brinsford Crime
Brinsford Crime
Brinsford Crime
Brinsford Crime
Brinsford Crime
Brinsford Crime
Brinsford Crime
Brinsford Crime
Brinsford Crime

Interest Age 14-adult
Reading age 6-11
Brinsford Books

Written in a gripping style, these are graded stories for hard-to-reach pupils. Designed for older learners, these are dark, hard-hitting page turners, some with strong language.

The stories in the crime series contain references to swearing, violence, crime and drug use that many students can genuinely relate to – you won’t find reading books like these anywhere else, and students will love them.

The stunningly illustrated titles cover gritty topics, are peppered with street language and are truly riveting. Even at the most basic reading level there is plenty to engross the unwilling reader.

Carefully graded books specifically devised to engage male readers. Each title has been extensively trialled, reviewed and revised by disaffected readers to ensure the greatest possible appeal.

Reading Books
Devised to capture the interest of reluctant readers with adult styles and motivational topics to engage those who struggle to master reading.

Illustrated with cutting edge drawings and black and white photography to engage students without providing unnecessary distractions whilst reading. Each book contains a glossary explaining difficult or technical words.

Photocopiable Resource Packs
Full of motivational activities to boost literacy skills and extend the use you get from each reader. Activities range from simple word searches to internet research and creative writing.

All worksheets are graded and mapped to the Adult Literacy Curriculum, the National Curriculum and the Framework for Teaching English. Full answers are provided.

The second half of each book contains a topic-related story. This provides a great way into fiction reading for those who tend to avoid it. Simple text appears opposite an illustrated full colour ‘speech bubble’ version allowing access for the poorest readers and making it ideal for buddy reading sessions.

Ideal for Key Stage 3 & 4/S1-S4, dissaffected learners and skills for life students.

This series consists of 8 motivational readers plus a resource pack.
Reading Books 40pp, A5 illustrated paperbacks.
Resource Packs 98pp, A4 photocopiable paperbacks.

Hard Up
A young mum is dragged into shoplifting when her boyfriend steals from her.

The Last Big Hit
A fast-moving story about two thugs who steal from old people.

Pilled Up
How just one ecstasy pill led to addiction and a spiral of crime.

Chancing It
Motorbike-crazy Pete has to sell a stolen bike when he is skint.

Foiled by the Devil
A vivid account of a young man’s rapid addiction to heroin.

Urban Cowboys
A young man follows his brothers into ever more trouble with the law.

Max realises that his love for Lisa is just another addiction.

Salford Power
A powerfully written story of a young life of crime.

Crime Resource Pack
Clear, fun motivational activities and worksheets to build literacy skills.

Crime Readers Pack
8 reading books

Crime Complete Pack
8 reading books & resource pack

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