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Killer in the Dark
The Dark Fire of Doom
Destiny in the Dark
The Dark Never Hides
The Dark Machine
Danger in the Dark
The Shadow in the Dark
The Dark Words
Dark Man Set 1 - Workbook 1
Dark Man Set 1 - Workbook 2
Dark Man Set 2 - Workbook 1
Dark Man Set 3 - Workbook 1
Dark Man Teacher's Guide

Winner 2006 Educational Resources Awards
Interest Age 12-18 Reading Age 5-9
Dark Man
Peter Lancet

This highly acclaimed, award-winning series of suspense thrillers is aimed at teenagers and young adults who struggle with reading. Featuring strong plots, accessible texts and dark, graphic illustrations these books will engage and reward struggling and reluctant readers.

The books follow the Dark Man, a shadowy loner who has been recruited to play a part in the struggle between good and evil.

The books feature simple text and controlled vocabulary, and cover a range of abilities to encourage progression and build reading stamina. With text carefully separated from the illustrations, and the clear font printed on cream paper, these books are also ideal for dyslexic readers.

Sets One and Two are aimed at the lowest reading levels (ages 5-7), and feature lower word counts then Set Three 3 which offer a more demanding read for those with a reading of age of 7-9.

Each set of six stories is supported by two photocopiable workbooks, containing worksheets as well as detailed teacher’s notes. The workbook tasks are varied throughout to allow progression as they are used. A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide is also available.

“The Dark Man series is dark stuff indeed – gritty, full of tension and mystery. Perfectly pitched at reluctant teens and young adults ...More power to him!” Ian Rankin, author of the Rebus novels.

Sets 1 & 2 reading books 36pp, paperback fully illustrated in black & white
Set 3 reading books 48pp, paperback fully illustrated in black & white


The Dark Fire of Doom
2005 978-1841674-17-9
Destiny in the Dark
2005 978-1841674-22-3
The Dark Never Hides
2005 978-1841674-19-3
Escape from the Dark
2005 978-1841674-16-2
The Face in the Dark Mirror
2005 978-1841674-11-7
Fear in the Dark
2005 978-1841674-12-4

Dark Man Packs
Dark Man Set 1: 6 storybooks and 2 workbooks

Dark Man Set 1: 6 reading books


The Dark Dreams of Hell
2006 978-1841674-18-6
The Dark Side of Magic
2006 978-1841674-14-8
Danger in the Dark
2006 978-1841674-15-5
The Shadow in the Dark
2006 978-1841674-20-9
The Dark Waters of Time
2006 978-1841674-13-1
The Dark Glass
2006 978-1841674-21-6

Dark Man Packs
Dark Man Set 2: 6 storybooks and 2 workbooks

Dark Man Set 2: 6 reading books


The Dark Machine
2007 978-1841676-01-2
The Dark Words
2007 978-1841676-02-9
Dying for the Dark
2007 978-1841676-04-3
Killer in the Dark
2007 978-1841676-05-0
The Day is Dark
2007 978-1841676-06-7
The Dark Candle
2007 978-1841676-03-6

Dark Man Packs
Dark Man Set 3: 6 storybooks and 2 workbooks

Dark Man Set 3: 6 reading books

Dark Man Teacher’s Guide
The Dark Man Teacher’s Guide offers key information on the reading books, details of curriculum relevancy, guidance on working with the resources as well as evaluation and assessment tools.

2006 96pp paperback

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