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Sorgenfresser Worry Eaters - SAGGO

Help children & young people manage and overcome their fears and worries.

  • Sometimes it can be hard for young people to tell someone about a worry or a problem — but the Worry Eaters can be a great help!
  • Worries or fears can be drawn or written down and zipped into the Worry Eater's mouth.
  • With a little help troubles can be discussed and problems begin to be resolved.
  • Can be used in schools, in counselling and therapy and at home.
  • Replace classroom 'Worry Boxes' with these appealing plush characters.
  • Ideal for all young people from early years to teens.

Children and teenagers often find it difficult to talk directly about their worries or fears. The Worry Eaters are ideal for facilitating discussions either in groups or on a one-to-one basis. The act of drawing or writing down a worry or a problem is the first step towards trying to find a solution.

Keeping notes and drawings anonymous will mean that group discussions about possible solutions can be held without fear of embarrassment or teasing.

Whether in the classroom or at home, teachers, carers and parents can use these characters to help start sometimes difficult discussions about anxieties and fears.

Choose from 4 sizes to suit your needs. Click image to buy.
Giant: a fantastic addition to a classroom, sensory or therapy room
Large: great for classrooms or groups
Junior: ideal for one-to-one work
Keyrings: just right for school bags or belt loops, ideal for transition or looked-after children at a new school or with a new family.


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